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We offer a comprehensive range of services and stock a wide range of frames that are regularly updated. Our styles suit all budgets and we use simple, complete pricing – which includes single vision lenses. We stock independent brands and well known designers.

Eye Examinations – we believe in taking time to discuss any concerns you may have and tailoring the exam to suit your needs. We book a relaxed 40 minutes for each appointment so that even the most complex patients can be looked after.

Generally all examinations will involve a thorough check of your eye health using the most up to date equipment – we use a Keeler Symphony Slit Lamp, Volk Lens Biomicroscopy and a Topcon Fundus camera to image your retina. We will then assess your vision and eye muscle balance – measuring whether or not you require a corrective prescription. Additional tests such as measuring your field of vision and eye pressure may also be required. The results of your examination will be explained and appropriate recommendations made.

Contact Lenses – we offer all major contact lens brands and also have specialist knowledge of less common lenses such as Rigid Gas Permeable(RGP) lenses.

Contact lenses are available at competitive prices with home delivery and Direct Debit payment options. If you are new to contact lenses we offer a free trial to ensure you are suitable.

Acute Eye Problems – our optometrist Martin has completed an additional qualification to become an Independent Prescriber. This means he can diagnose and treat many common eye conditions, which would otherwise require a referral to hospital. If you have any issue concerning your eyes, you could save yourself a long wait in A+E if you visit O’Callaghan Opticians instead!

Dry Eye Clinic – having previously worked at Caledonian University Vision Centre, Martin has great experience in managing dry eye and associated conditions such as blepharitis and meibomium gland dysfunction.

We offer dry eye specific examinations and can structure a management plan to suit your individual needs. We now offer an in office treatment of blepharitis using ‘I-Lid N Lash Pro’. This product uses a high concentration of tea tree to eliminate blepharitis – it is often more successful than what you can achieve at home with daily lid scrubs.

Visual Stress Overlay Assessment – visual stress is the term given to a variety of symptoms that occur when reading. Typically this includes blurring of text, text appearing to move, patterns appearing between lines of text or quickly tiring when reading. It is estimated that 20% of the population suffers from visual stress to some degree.

With people who are poor readers it is estimated 40% of them could have visual stress. Our assessment uses a rate of reading test to determine if these symptoms could be improved through use of coloured overlays. Whilst it is common to have children assessed, many adults could also benefit if they are aware of difficulties.

A Spectacle MOT is suggested every 6 months, to make sure they stay in tip top condition. We can straighten, tighten and even give them a deep clean with an ultrasonic bath! So if you are in the West End why not pop in and see us.

O'Callaghan Opticians - Independent Optometrist in Partick providing professional, personal and friendly eye care to the local community.

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